We can’t change the world...
But we can change one live!

At Libre Infancia, we are focused in fully supporting the families from the Landfill in zone 3. Three thousand tons of trash are deposited each day in this place, and it is from that waste that thousands of families survive. These families work 10 hours a day to be able to bring food to their homes. They call themselves “guajeros”.

The work that the adult guajeros do could become an almost  impossible reality to eradicate. Men and women will continue to work in a place that offers subsistence, as long as there is a way to profit from the trash. Many of them would choose the severe inconveniences that the dump gives, to suffering from the needs that a precarious population has.

What is definitively possible, necessary and cannot be postponed, is decreasing or eradicating child labor in that place. The children, since conception, live in the landfill’s atmosphere. They grow up in that place, being exposed to the sun, smoke, dust, and putrid odors from the trash and dead animals, without hope for a better future.

Vision: To improve the quality of life for the families that live in the areas surrounding the Landfill (Basurero zone 3); for each boy and girl to enjoy a full life supported by the programs that Libre Infancia promotes.

What is Libre Infancia? A christian, NGO, and not for profit organization with strong connections to institutions that have the same vision (to help the ones in need). We believe in unity and commitment.

Why is Libre Infancia here? To fight for the transformation of the lives of children of the landfill,  that none suffer from hunger and extreme poverty , or become victims of preventable diseases,  and to make everyone feel welcome and respected , without any bias or discrimination .


Comprehensive support for families; poverty harms individuals as well as society itself. Libre Infancia developed a program through which we identify the obstacles faced by families , creating and executing a plan that is aimed at their special needs.

Child Care Program : Our purpose is that babies do not go with their mothers to pickup trash, therefore we provide free service : maternal and child care , balanced and nutritious food, education, clothing , footwear , recreation and health.

School Program: Education is the foundation for the future of children. We believe in the potential of our children, who will one day become professionals, to bring change and progress to their community.

Food Program: We give thanks to God who gives us food to provide our children with a balanced diet and therefore they can  grow up with the health and strength they need to pursue their dreams.

Health Program: We provide medical support to children threatened by diseases, epidemics and even pandemics due to lack of preventive education or medical supplies. Libre Infacia has nutrition programs and conduct medical days.

Your support is essential to create opportunities and offer help to those living in poverty. Your contribution will be used to help children and their families.

Libre Infancia
27 calle 0-37 zona 3, Guatemala
Phone: 2471-3672 & 5203-7555 –



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